Would you fly on a rusty old plane that was falling apart ?

So why would you take that sort of risk with your health ? Using a random groupon offer for medical, dental, or facial aesthetic treatment is equivalent to doing just that. Would you allow an undergraduate doctor to perform heart surgery on you or your mother ? Would you allow a 12 year old with no driving licence to drive your son to school every day ?

Why do you take your car to the reputable garage for services and repairs ? Why do you spend hours, days to research your holiday destination in search for the best hotel and places to visit ? Because nobody likes nasty surprises and disappointments.

I have met patients who have told me about an ‘amazing offer they found’ that claims something impossible. Sadly, they have ended up later telling me ‘what a waste of time and money’ that (amazing offer) was. It is just like believing that you can lose 5kg weight in a day, build a house overnight or learn a trade in a week. You can’t.

People who don’t value their health make decisions that are driven by money, convenience and/or claims that it’s ‘exactly the same as your dentist treatment just cheaper’. Usually accompanied by ‘your dentist does not want you to know that!’ etc. The old saying that ‘If it is too good to be true, it probably is’ consistently applies when it comes to any medical intervention.

I see many patients who have entrusted their health to people who have no medical training and no knowledge about anatomy of the the body or face. Some dental procedures such as teeth whitening or facial cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle treatment may seem easy and straight forward. However, there are multiple risks in such treatments that can result in complications and side effects which may be irreversible.

Our practices are staffed with medical professionals who understand and can advise of the risks of such procedures. They can also advise the best and safest way for such treatments to be performed.

Enlightened Dentistry

Dentistry is a complex art requiring expertise and experience to fulfill our patients’ expectations. At PJS Dental, we aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience that focuses on making our patients feel good about every interaction they have with us. We improve lives by giving our patients confidence in everything that they do.

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