First Impressions Are Everything : People with nice teeth are more successful, smarter and get more dates

The first thing that most people zone in on when assessing a potential partner is their teeth. In a recent study, 60% of men and 71% of Women ranked teeth as the most important factor in deciding whether or not to date someone. 
Teeth make more of a lasting first impression than any other facial feature. For around 30% of people, it’s the first thing they notice. Around 75% of people are more likely to trust someone with good teeth and a nice smile. 
Good teeth increase your employment potential – People with straight teeth are more likely to get a job at interview. The survey participants said that they thought people with good teeth were more likely to be successful in life and more likely to become wealthy. 
They also said that people with straight teeth perceived to be more likely to be happy, healthy and more intelligent than those without.
Here’s a video we recently created which talks more about this:

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