My dentist wants me to wear a mouthguard, what is it?

A mouthguard is a custom-made rubbery tray that fits exactly over your teeth, like a glove. It cushions your teeth as well as protecting them from damage while you play sports.

It’s important to protect your teeth from the impact of a hit whilst playing sports that involve physical contact. This includes playing cricket, rugby, hockey, football, boxing etc. All of these contact sports can cause breakage or dislocation of jaws. A mouthguard is there to protect or minimise the damage to your teeth.

Where can I get a mouthguard? 

You can prepare one yourself by heating the rubbery material in hot water and putting it in your mouth until its ready. However, such DIY mouthguards can fit badly, can fall out or even cause choking.

Like with anything, I strongly believe, that if you are serious about your health, you should never compromise on quality. You will be much safer in hands of your dentist and dental team. If you consider the cost of dental work and the risk of gross damage, it’s a small price to pay. 

A clinician will assess your mouth and will take precise impressions on special trays when you visit a dental practice. that will achieve the highest level of perfection and comfort for your well-being. Impressions are then sent to the dental laboratory, where a custom made mouthguard is manufactured for your protection by a highly skilled dental technician.

Mouthguards can be coloured, striped, multi-coloured or clear.

Professionally made mouthguards can prevent damage to your jaws, neck and even the brain by preventing concussion and the damage caused by a heavy and sudden blow.

A mouthguard, just like any other form of sports equipment, will suffer from wear and tear. After some time, it will need to be replaced. It is always a good idea to bring your appliance along to the dentist when you go for your dental examination, so your dentist can check it and advice when you need to consider replacing it.

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If you need advice about getting or wearing a mouthguard, get in touch to find out more.