PJS Dental is a group of dental practices located in Kent. We currently have two practices, Sunnyside Dental Practice in Ashford and Riverhead Dental Practice in Sevenoaks.

Dentistry is a complex art requiring expertise and experience to fulfill our patients’ expectations. At PJS Dental, we aim to deliver Enlightened Dentistry – an exceptional customer experience that focuses on making our patients feel good about every interaction they have with us. We improve lives by giving our patients confidence in everything that they do

The owner and principal dentist at both practices is Patricia Szymczak. Patricia has 17 years hands-on clinical experience in dentistry in the UK and Poland, both working as a dental associate and running her own practices for the last 8 years.

Patricia has a Masters degree in Aesthetic Implantology and is also qualified to deliver orthodontic treatments. Patricia regularly publishes articles and blogs about Dentistry. Last year, she co-authored an article on the aesthetic aspects of wearing braces which was published in Kent Life.

One aspect of Enlightened Dentistry is understanding patient’s needs and desires and explaining treatments to patients in terms they understand. We have built a library of content for patient on this website which is aimed at helping them deal with dental health issues and daily problems. These can be found in the Articles section of our website. Patricia will be contining to publish more content, so keep an eye out here or follow Patricia on Instagram or Facebook for more.

From an early age, it was Patricia’s dream to become a dentist because she wanted to help people find the best way to deal with the practical health issues they experience in their lives. Our vision is to change the culture in the dental industry by dramatically improving the patient experience and the level of service patients receive.

If you’re interested in finding out more, visit the other sections of this website or go to the Sunnyside Dental or Riverhead Dental website by clicking on these links.



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